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  2. "Ah, Sharon. The word ‘exquisite’ perfectly sums up this lady. Almost otherworldly, so beautiful and sensitive, a truly gentle soul. But in no way wishy-washy, she was smart and not taken in by the shallowness of the industry. Well-grounded and natural, she was very much in tune with her life and really happy when I last saw her in London in 1969. She was such an innocent, and unspoiled by her success." 

    — George Harrison

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    she don’t even care bout that war no more… she ready

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    Andrew Valko, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, 2012

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  10. makeup @ house of holland spring/summer 2015.

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    Very secret place in Boston

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    Lloyd Manufacturing Co’s Cocaine Toothache Drops - Instantaneous Cure!



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    "24 Heures de la Vie D’un Tailleur", ELLE France, October 1988
    Photographer: Pamela Hanson
    Model: Gail Elliott

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    Traumatic cataract with an iridodialysis (separation of the iris from it’s attachment to the ciliary body) from a blunt injury during childhood.

    Photo credit: Cindy Montague, CRA

    My ex had one of those.

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